Friday, July 12, 2019

Service Desk temporarily relocating during construction

The service desk in Waldo Library will be relocated due to construction from the First Floor Project. All services will continue to be available from temporary spaces in Waldo Library.

Library service staff will be available at an information desk near the entrance on the first floor to provide directions, answer questions, and check out materials. Additional staff will be available on the second floor to help patrons with their library needs. The second-floor bridge to Computing Services Lab will also be available for entry and assistance Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm.
The temporary relocation is expected to last up to three weeks. The target schedule is to re-open the service desk on the first floor early August. 

We look forward to re-opening our service desk very soon. Thank you for your patience while we refresh Waldo Library.

Services Desk services have moved for construction for most of July.

User Services staff will be in Waldo Lobby to help get you to the
services you need.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

New LED Lighting: Brighter and Energy-Efficient

Waldo Library will be fresher and brighter thanks to new LED light fixtures that will be installed on the first floor. New fixtures arrived this week and will be installed soon.

In addition to being brighter, LED lights are energy-efficient. According to, LED lights "last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting." LED lights emit less heat than other bulbs, and widespread use can lead to significant energy savings. 

Waldo Library is open year-round between 17 to 19 hours per day. With our large footprint, the energy savings from one floor alone will be significant and contribute to WMU's commitment to a greener and sustainable campus.

Delivery of LED light fixtures for Waldo Library's first floor

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Removing Material

We are making great progress on the first-floor project. It is incredible how much work is needed to prepare a space for upgrades.

Check out how our construction crew is bringing materials in and out of the building. They created a special opening from the exterior of the building into the first floor. This access point allows contractors to efficiently move old building materials out to the large dumpsters in the parking lot. This method reduces disruptions or and prevents dirt from transferring to the other floors or elevators in the library.

An operator on a lift brings a small dumpster up to the opening.

 Workers inside fill the container with waste and old building materials.

Waste is deposited in a construction dumpster behind the building.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

How to find what you need

Construction crews continue to make progress on installing LED lighting and preparing the floor for new carpeting. We will share more photos as they become available!

What happened to all of those books?

To keep our materials protected and clean, the first-floor collection (call numbers N & P) will be unavailable during construction this summer. The materials have been safely stored away from the activity, but are inaccessible as a result.

You can still get everything you need through our interlibrary loan and MeLCat services! Order books, articles, and other materials online or stop by a service desk for assistance. Help is available all open hours at the service desk. We work with over 70,000 libraries to help you get the books, articles, and other materials you need.

We moved a few of the smaller, first floor collections to other areas of the building.

  • The Reference Collection has been moved to the lower level near the center of the building in the main hallway.

  • The WMU Authors Collection, CELCIS Readers, Japanese Readers, and encyclopedias have been moved to the lower level near the Virtual Reality Lab near the main hallway. 

  • Popular reading, new books, and graphic novels are available in the lobby.

The reference collection is located on the lower level.

The WMU Authors collection is located on the lower level near the VR lab.

The CELCIS and Japanese Readers are located on the lower level.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Focused on the Ceiling

This week construction crews are focused on installing LED lighting and ceiling tiles. Workers will be drilling in the early morning hours (5 to 8:30 a.m.) to prepare the ceiling frame for new lights. The east wing of the building may be a little noisy from 8 to 8:30 a.m., but we are doing everything we can to minimize distractions.

What's happening this week

The photos say it all! Several areas have been stripped of old light fixtures and ceiling tiles to prepare for installation. Electricians have started work in Classroom A and other sections of the first floor. The new LED light fixtures will improve the first floor's lighting and environment and save energy during the many hours they are utilized in Waldo. 

Check out our progress below! A big thank you to WMU Facilities for the photos.

Electricians preparing to install lights in Classroom A.

Workers removed the old lights and ceiling tiles from Classroom A to prepare for installation.

The ceiling has been prepared for installation on the southwest side of the building.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Preparing the Space

It's week four of construction. The workers are preparing the space and supplies before installation begins.

What's happening this week

Constructions crews have removed a window on the south end of the first floor. It is cleaner and more efficient to remove old materials and deliver new supplies through this opening. 

Our contractors have set up a command center on the first floor to direct the work. Ceiling tiles are being removed so new LED lighting fixtures can be installed next week.

The opening on the first floor is covered with plywood when not in use.

Use of the library for all services continues. Stairways and elevators in the rotunda are open to all users. The first floor remains closed. 

Computers and printers are available on the lower level and second floor near the center of the building. Please call the service desk if you have any questions (269) 387-5059. 

Parking near Waldo Library is limited due to other construction projects that are not affiliated with the Libraries. Guests may park in the Moore Hall lot at the parking meters. We recommend using Sangren Hall or the Miller Auditorium parking ramp.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Week Two: More Moving!

Week two of construction is focused on more moving! The rest of our furniture has been relocated to other floors or moved to off-site storage.

What's happening this week

The first floor is the main spot in Waldo Library for computer access, table, comfy chairs and whiteboards. We are moving some furniture to other floors, so our users have more options to choose from on the lower level, second and third floors. We'll put everything back together again in August when construction is complete.

One unique aspect of this project is that it involves moving thousands of pounds of books and other items so we can replace the carpet underneath the shelves. 

Construction crews will start demolition on the east wing very soon, so the collection has to be moved. We've got a team of professionals helping us with this critical task.

Check out this video to see them in action!